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After visiting Bosnia and Hercegovina four times, we needed to let the impressions sink in. Deeply touched we thought a lot about the immense trouble the country is facing from the past and in present times. But we never lost track of the huge potential the future offers.

The next step will be visits for deeper editorial work. We have loads of ideas what stories to cover, who to portray and on which topics to focus.


Today is March 1st, 2019. This is the Independence Day in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Reason for us to go public with bits an pieces yet.

Long term media project

Town hall | Foča

4th trip | October 2017

The 4th trip was in october 2017 and covered the northern and central parts of the country:


Sarajevo | Kladanj | Mostar | Stolac | Camp Butmir | Zenica | Maglaj | Doboj | Gračanica | Lukavac | Tuzla | Bijeljina | Brčko | Gradačac | Odžak | Derventa | Prnjavor | Banja Luka | Ljubačevo | Ključ | Drvar | Livno | Blidinjsko jezero.

The last tour took us through the remaining parts of Bosnia and Hercegovina which included Mostar. A sign of its still heavily divided population are the two football sides from the East and West part of the town.


Home of FK Velež | Mostar

3rd trip | August 2017

The 3rd trip was in august 2017 and covered the eastern and central parts of the country:


Sarajevo | Pale | Jahorina | Goražde | Višegrad | Žepa | Milići | Zvornik | Srebrenica | Potočari | Visoko | Kiseljak | Fojnica | Prokoško jezero | Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje | Bugojno | Mrkonjić Grad | Jajce | Podmilačje | Travnik | Vitez | Ahmići | Kakanj.

A milestone was our third journey to Bosnia and Hercegovina. We visited the sorrowful places along the Drina river well known from international headlines back in 1995.


Memorial site | Potočari

2nd trip | May 2016

The 2nd trip was in may 2017 and covered the southern parts of the country:


Sarajevo | Igman | Konjic | Drecelj | Foča | Miljevina | Kalinovik | Jeleč | Tjentište | Gacko | Bileća | Trebinje | [Dubrovnik] | Neum | [Ploče] | Međugorje | Kravica | Mostar | Jablanica.

We took the decision to focus on Bosnia and Hercegovina over some time during the next years. First we needed to get a general impression about the country, all of its regions and people. So we planned a series of recognition trips. During this visit, we met Ajdin and his father in Konjic.


Garage Bar owners | Konjic


1st trip | August 2016

The 1st trip was in august 2016 and covered the northwestern parts of the country:


[Plitvička Jezera] | Bihać | [Knin] | Brekovica | Bosanska Krupa | Bosanska Otoka | Novi Grad | [Jasenovac] | Prijedor | Kozarac | Trnopolje | Omarska | Kevljani | Sanski Most | Martin Brod | Štrbački buk.

We had other plans for this trip. To visit croatian nationalist epicenter Knin and experience «Oluja Day» on August 5. But we instantly fell in love with our base in Bosnia. Stunning nature along the Una river, pulsing live in Bihać and the touching memories of the recent war.

Kids playing football | Brekovica

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